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Track ante-natal attendance and immunization session Helpmum helps deliver reminders for immunizations session schedule and antenatal attendance, weekly baby development milestone and symptoms noticed during pregnancy.


We help pregnant women track and make meaning of possible symptoms that may occur during each week of pregnancy. Also, we help Mums get immediate referrals to health centers and Doctors if symptoms indicate a health risk.


We support pregnant women and mothers of newborn babies especially throughout their pregnancy and post-natal journey with health information, reminders and medical advice in other to improve their health and that of their babies


We provide information on teen health and sex education and through our Doctors give advice on family planning and contraception usage.


We give awareness campaign against Zoonosis.1 out of every 2 pregnant women in Nigeria is predisposed a certain kind of zoonotic disease called toxoplasmosis which is responsible for congenital infections in babies.


We provide nutritional and food supplementation advice to pregnant and nursing mothers for healthy baby growth and development and prevention of nutritional deficiency







The HelpMum Mobile App is Free

Available on Google Play Store

The HelpMum Mobile App is now available on Google Play store for download. With this App, you can get necessary health information during your pregnancy period. It also comes with a Maternal Calculator

About Us

Who We Are

HelpMum is a social enterprise birthed with the mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.

According to UNICEF “Every single day, Nigeria loses about 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age. This makes the country the second largest contributor to the under–five and maternal mortality rate in the world.” Every 10 minutes, one woman dies on account of pregnancy or childbirth in Nigeria.

Also the deaths of newborn babies in Nigeria represent a quarter of the total number of deaths of children under-five. The majority of these occur within the first week of life, mainly due to complications during pregnancy and delivery reflecting the intimate link between newborn survival and the quality of maternal care.

Of Course these deaths are Preventable

Using the power of mobile technology, we deliver lifesaving health information to pregnant women on their mobile phones. Such information ranges from antenatal care date and immunization sessions reminders, zoonosis awareness and vaccination schedules for the new born babies. We help pregnant women and new mothers ease stress and provide them with health information using innovative mobile technologies



Thank you for helping my wife

Only me understands the significant impact of this service for my wife. We have had misunderstanding over her nonchalance towards antenatal care in the past but I am most delighted today as I don't have to discuss these issues no more Your reminders do the magic.
Mrs Ogunrobi’s Husband

The Right Message at the Right Time

Simply put, without HelpMum , I won't have discovered how significant somethings I have always considered trivial are to my pregnancy. What more can I say than a BIG THANK YOU!
Aunty Lade